Grants Programme

WFOT Congress 2022 Grants Programme

Help us create a lasting legacy for occupational therapy across the globe.

The WFOT needs your help to support occupational therapists to attend the WFOT Congress in Paris in August 2022. WFOT supports the rights of occupational therapists to engage in continuing professional development and global networking regardless of where they live in the world. Attending the WFOT Congress creates opportunities to network with international colleagues, share expertise with the international community and disseminate learning and new knowledge with professional community back at home. Cultural and professional connections can be formed to strengthen the professional global community and promote long lasting collaborations.

However, in reality it is not always possible for occupational therapists working in low and middle income countries or those on low incomes to attend, and thus WFOT is committed to facilitating ways to reduce these financial barriers. For example, WFOT has a tiered WFOT Congress registration fee structure, and has established the Congress Grants Programme which supported 20 attendees to attend the 2018 WFOT Congress.

The aims of the Congress Grants Programme are to:

  • raise funds to support the attendance of as many occupational therapists as possible from low / middle income countries
  • promote professional leadership through dissemination of knowledge gained at Congress, for example in an association, academic, research or clinical context

How can you contribute to the Congress Grants Programme?

  1. Congress registration process – When you complete a registration form to attend the Congress, there will be an option to contribute your preferred amount to the Grants Programme.
  2. Online contribution form – Click on the form below to enter your contribution details and preferred payment method.
  3. Group Fund Raising project – Get together with your association, or with a group of your colleagues, to help raise funds towards hosting a attendees to attend the Congress. Payment can be made through the online contribution form, or by contacting the WFOT Congress Office on the details below. If you participate in a Group Fund Raising Project, you may also have the opportunity to identify where your funds will be directed.

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How to Apply to be a Grant Recipient

The World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT) International Congress is held every four years and brings together occupational therapists, assistants and students from across the globe to develop professional fellowship, exchange technical and scientific information to promote high standards of occupational therapy practice, research and education worldwide.

The 2022 Congress will feature unique social events, local tours, an extensive exhibition and programme of expert presentations on the 2022 theme “Occupational R-Evolution”.

The Congress Grants Programme was established in order to provide occupational therapists experiencing financial difficulties with the opportunity to attend the International Congress.

Although WFOT has limited access to funds, each year a range of groups, associations and individuals have come forward to raise funds for the Grants Programme to assist attendees who otherwise may not have the opportunity to attend the International Congress.

Previous recipients have come from around the world to attend the International Congress, and had the opportunity to network with international colleagues, to share their expertise with the international community and share their learning and new knowledge with their professional community back at home.

Although the 2022 Congress will offer virtual attendance options, it is hoped that, where possible, all grant recipients will be able to travel to Paris and attend the Congress in person, in order to offer the most engaging and immersive Congress experience.

Full grants will include a full Congress registration, including the welcome reception, and support towards travel and accommodation costs. If intending to attend virtually, grants will include a full virtual Congress registration. Partial grants may be provided to give some assistance towards Congress costs.

Before applying carefully consider the questions below and review the Selection Criteria and Terms and Conditions.

  • What professional benefits do you anticipate gaining by attending the Congress?
  • How will your participation at the Congress positively affect the practice or organisation you work for?
  • What knowledge are you hoping to gain and how will this impact your local community?
  • What is your plan to share what you learn at the Congress with local colleagues?
  • If you hold a leadership role within your association or place of work/study, how will Congress attendance benefit your role?

Closing date to apply for a Congress grant: Monday 20 September 2021

Notification Date: November 2021

Selection Criteria

A WFOT Congress 2022 Grants Committee has been established to assess each Grant application, taking into account the available funds. Full grants are made to cover costs for attendance at the Congress. Partial funding may be provided to assist in partial subsidy of Congress costs. Grants will be assigned to suitable applicants based on fulfilment of certain conditions, which form the selection criteria below:

  1. Grants will be made to applicants who can demonstrate that their attendance will professionally benefit them and their peers as well as those in their local community; and that their attendance at Congress may be the only way that information from Congress can be shared with peers and clients in the local community. The Grants Committee will look for evidence of the applicant's existing contribution to their professional community and upon their return, the ability for them to impart their newfound knowledge and skills.
  2. Priority will be given to applicants who are members of their national association (if available in that country).
  3. Priority will be given to applicants from countries classified by the World Bank as 'low income/lower middle income/upper middle income', in addition to information regarding the average salary of an occupational therapist in that country.
  4. Priority will be given to applicants who have been selected to give a presentation at Congress 2022.

Application form

Grant applications have now closed. Thank you to all who submitted an application. Notification on the outcome will be sent in November.

Grants Recipient Terms and Conditions

  • Grant recipients must submit a report within two months of the Congress to WFOT, reporting on their experience and the impact of attending the WFOT Congress (failure to do so may lead to a refund being sought by WFOT). Information provided within these reports may be used by WFOT on its website, social media and in e-newsletters for promotional purposes.
  • Grant recipients may be required to submit a written report to the journal/newsletter of the funding association as well as any local publication they may have about their attendance and their key learning experiences whilst in Paris.
  • Grant recipients commit to return to their home country at the end of the Congress, for those attending in person.
  • Successful candidates will be required to sign an undertaking indicating that any expenses/payments made on their behalf will be repaid if they do not attend the WFOT Congress 2022.
  • Grant recipients and amounts will be determined by WFOT.
  • WFOT retain the right to make final decisions regarding the selection of successful candidates.
  • WFOT is not responsible or liable for Grant recipients during their stay in Paris, if attending in person.
  • WFOT recommends visa applications are initiated in a timely manner. WFOT does not accept any responsibility or liability for the visa application procedure. Expenses will not be reimbursed until the required visa has been obtained.
  • WFOT does not accept any liability for damages occurring from or resulting by visiting the WFOT Congress 2022, or during an applicant's stay in Paris. Grant recipients are responsible for their own travel insurance which is recommended to include cover for Covid-19 related costs. WFOT will not be funding quarantine costs.

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